Top Famous Foods in Switzerland You Must Try


The most famous food in Switzerland for its exquisite beauty, the setting is positioned in Central Europe and tops everyone’s travel bucket list. Home to various spectacular water bodies, culturally rich landmarks, dense greenery, and the Alps, Switzerland also specializes in offering mouth-watering delicacies to its visitors. Providing a glimpse of the delectable food items, here are the famous foods in Switzerland that you must try.

Famous Foods In Switzerland:

  1. Fondue
  2. Papet Vaudois
  3. Rosti
  4. Flour soup
  5. Raclette
  6. Polenta
  7. Zurcher geschnetzeltes
  8. Tartiflette
  9. Leckerli
  10. Mont-d’Or Vacherin

The Spectacular Fondue:

Most renowned as this dish is, experiencing its delicious taste is an absolute must for all vacationists. A country bread complemented with melted cheese, supported with a tad of garlic, is not only a famous dish of Switzerland but also leaves the tourists asking for more. The fondue, as it is called, can be paired with an exquisite flavor of wine, which makes it divine. From melty cheese pot to meat fondue, try any and be in awe of it forever.

The Mouth-Watering Papet Vaudois:

Stewed for hours is the mixture of leeks and potatoes that tastes like heaven. With the base of the dish being earthy, it serves as a perfect room for the sausage to fit in. From the middle of the dish, loosely stuffed to the onion-tasting base, the Papet Vaudois is a must to savor when in Switzerland.

The Delectable Rosti Valaisanne:

Deep-fried potatoes are known as Rosti, and when coupled with bacon, fried egg, and melted cheese, they not only serve as one of the most iconic dishes in the country but are truly delectable. The Rosti Valaisanne is one exquisite meal that every tourist should try. Indulge in Goat’s cheese and bacon, oven-baked, or a potato Rosti complemented with sage leaves, but do not forget to take advantage of this spectacular famous dish in Switzerland.

The Delicious Flour Soup:

Serving as a highlight is the basil addition to the mouth-watering soup. A mixture of flour, butter, onion, and beef stock topped with basil is the Flour soup. An iconic dish at the Basel Carnival, this mouth-watering delicacy is a must for every vacationist traveling to the country of Switzerland to hog on.

The Yummy Raclette:

If you are a cheese lover, then this edible item is a must to try. With raclette cheese melting over boiled potatoes, pickles, and onions over a pit of fire, the dish is not only a favorite among the locals but also truly delicious. Couple the Raclette with a bottle of local wine and enjoy the tasting heaven in Switzerland.

The Heavenly Polenta:

A cornmeal dish transforming into porridge is one of the most sought-after dishes in Switzerland. Couple the Polenta with braised beef, in winter especially, or with a delectable local wine because this delicacy is truly heavenly. From cheese polenta with sausage ragout to braised beef polenta with red wine, it is a must for vacationists to indulge in these.

The Unique Zurcher Geschnetzeltes:

Known as the Zurich-styled sliced veal, the Zurcher geschnetzeltes is a dish comprising sliced veal and calf’s kidneys that are complemented with butter, cream, white wine, onion, and mushroom gravy. A delight as it is termed, the dish is a must-try when in the setting of Switzerland.

The Iconic Tartiflette:

Comprising of sliced potatoes, smoked slices of bacon, and onions that are dipped in caramel complemented with the iconic Reblochon cheese is the Tartiflette. Found especially sought-after in ski resorts, the dish is available everywhere in the country. Indulge in creamy or turnip tartelette, but do not forget to miss out on this spectacular dish.

The Marvelous Leckerli:

If you desire an exquisite dessert from Switzerland to take home as a souvenir, then Leckerli biscuits are the one. Passed on from their ancestors, the Leckerli are gingerbread biscuits that are not only sticky and spicy but also sweet at the same time. A must to taste in Switzerland is the marvelous desert-like biscuits that are not only mouth-watering but unforgettable.

The Lovely Mont-d’Or Vacherin:

Visit the country of Switzerland between September and April to experience the delicious Mont-d’Or Vacherin, which calls out to all the visitors from the cheese shops. Covered in wine and garlic, the soft creamy cheese complemented with boiled potatoes is one of the most sought-after dishes in the country.

From adrenaline-pumping activities and aesthetic structures to the iconic Alps, the country of Switzerland is one of the most sought-after locations. With picturesque sceneries, the country of wonders also offers a wide variety of dishes that are truly one of a kind. From Polenta, Raclette, and Leckerli to Mont-d’Or Vacherin and Papet Vaudois, the delicacies are a must-hog. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to this land of magic with Pickyourtrail’s Switzerland Packages.

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