An Overview Of Android App Development For The Beginners


Android App Store has millions of applications today. A vast number of applications get launched on this platform every single day, and the point to be noted is that the count is much higher than the number of apps released on iOS daily. Moreover, building applications for this platform is far simpler than creating apps for iOS. The number of Android users is also much more than that of iOS users. This is because Android applications are easier to explore and use and are much more cost-effective. All these reasons and a few more have made more businesses and companies choose Android app development instead of iOS application development.

Get to know a few more basic things about Android application development.

Launching Applications Is Easier On This Platform:

Once your application is ready to be launched, you need to create an APK and submit the application to the Google Play Store. You have to pay a very nominal amount to upload the application. In the case of Android, the reviewing process is automated. This automatic process makes the application visible on the App Store within a few hours. The users can also download these apps on this platform with ease. Using Android applications is also simpler than using complicated iOS apps. Getting success on Android is far easier than succeeding on the Apple Store.

Android application development simply means creating applications for the devices already in everyone’s pocket. Releasing these on Google Play Store means they will check them frequently per their requirements.

Now, let’s get to know a few more essentials.


To start the development process, you must have the Android SDK (Software Development Kit), the Java JDK, and the Android Studio. You can download these for free; the setup procedure is pretty simple.

Also, use the latest software version, tools, and technologies. The version updates frequently, so research it and download and use it for your application development.

The JDK or Java Development Kit makes your computer capable of understanding and interpreting the Java codes. This kit is important as most Android application development codes are written in Java.

Android Studio: – This is the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building applications on this platform. This acts as the central hub for building Android applications. This is where developers must enter the codes, run them, debug, and manage the project files. This is the software that offers coding and testing interfaces during app development.

The SDK (Software Development Kit): This is a set of tools needed to create apps for this platform. These tools have additional codes and features to compile and run the apps easily. For example, it has an emulator for testing the applications.

Moreover, this kit comes bundled with the Android Studio. Hence, to start working with this, you must install the Android studio, and you will be ready to proceed.

Now Comes The Big Decision – Java Or Kotlin?

Choosing the best programming language is important for building a quality application. Though there are many, the two most popular names are Java and Kotlin. Java has been in use for a long time and has been the sought-after choice for developers. Kotlin is a new introduction and a streamlined alternative to the other one, Java. Though Java is preferred by more, Google is trying hard to push Kotlin in the market to make more coders choose it instead of Java.

This was just a brief overview of this vast application development process. You need to know many more things, like the keys to designing great apps, the entire development process, and, of course, the testing and marketing steps to get success at the end.

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