Most Popular Foods In the World That Help You In Weight Gain


Weight gain is considered one of the most difficult things for some people. They thought that it is not possible to gain weight without supplements. But this is a totally wrong myth. There is a lot of food that makes you fat and helps in weight gain. Being skinny and underweight is not considered a good thing and has a serious diverse effect.

We normally saw people doing gym, having a perfect body, models with fabulous personalities and bodies, etc. all these things build some major type of craze in the youngsters of this era and generation. Everyone wants to gain weight and very few people accepted that being this is healthy and successfully adopt weight gainer diet plan.

It is not necessary to look fatty as this is also not a good thing but in recent studies and experiments, it is observed that fat is one of the very important factors in our body and our body need fat cells in blood clotting, brain development, etc. eating good foods is important for being healthy but eating too much can also cause diseases. Doing exercises and have a proper diet plan is the best way to gain food. In this article, I am going to share some best foods that make you gain weight.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are one of the best weight gain foods as they have a high number of calories and oil. Oil of dried fruits is also used to gain weight. Almond, dates, figs, etc. are the best dry fruits to eat. Moreover drying fruits like apples, berries, and apricots can help in weight gain. In this way, all the water from the fruits will be removed and only the energy-dense fruit will remain.

There are many processes are available but the most frequently used procedure is to remove the seeds from the fruit, cut into slices and then dry them. After the drying, put them in a jar filled with lemon and water. Now bake those fruits for 6-12 hours at 145 F. after baking store them in a cool place and eat whenever you want.

Olive oil

Olive oil has a rich amount of calories like other oils. Many gyms, athletes, bodybuilders, and models use olive oil as gain weight foods. Olive oil is not just used for weight gain, it also has many benefits and advantages. Olive oil has 800-900 calories in just 100 grams. If you want to gain weight, using olive oil is the best way to increase your weight in a healthy way. It is not necessary to use olive oil directly, you can use it in many dishes like rice, meat, vegetables, beans, etc.

Normally, there are 8 grams of calories in one ml olive oil that helps you to increase your calories intake. Using olive oil improves your digestion system which increases the food intake for your body for the sake of weight gain. Using a rich amount of olive oil in your food and salad can help you in a very moderate way to gain weight.


Rice is considered as one of the best weight gain foods and most favorite dishes of many people and everyone can afford it. You don’t need any high expenses to buy rice or to cook rice. Only boiled salted rice can help you a lot to gain weight. Rice is considered one of the most basic elements in the natural weight gainer diet. Rice has a rich amount of carbohydrates and consisted of 200 calories per cup.

Rice is one of the best options for weight gain and you can use it with some other weight gain foods like olives, olive oil, meat, etc. Rice has a good amount of protein and fiber that help us to live a healthy life. Most people use red meat with rice in their diet as it shows very good results in weight gain and muscles building. There are many recipes for preparing rice but one of the most common recipes is boiled rice.

First of all, you have to take a bowl and filled it with water according to the rice. If you have one up of rice, then you have to put 4 cups of water in the bowl. When the water starts boiling put well-washed rice in it and stir then with a spoon. Add some salt and oil according to your taste and cover it until all the water will be vaporized. Now your salted boiled rice is ready, eat them with some vegetables or some other weight gainer foods.


Potatoes are one of the best dishes and people eat them in many ways. Some people love to eat boiled potatoes while some used to eat them in fried recipes. Potatoes contain a rich amount of carbohydrates, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, dietary fibers, and Vitamin B-6. no doubt that potatoes are high calorie food and help in weight gain. Studies showed that 100 grams of potatoes contain 75 calories and a 0.2% fat rate. Most of them love to eat fries but eating fries will not help you in weight gain.

The best way to use the potatoes in a weight gainer diet plan is boiled potatoes. Take a bowl filled with water and put some potatoes in it. Leave them for few minutes and then remove the bowl from the flame. Leave the water and bowl until the water gets cool. Now remove the skin from the potato and cut it into pieces. Sprinkle some salt on it and eat with a sauce.

Try not to use deep-fried potatoes as a diet while doing exercises. Instead of deep-fried potatoes, boiled potatoes with bread are the best to eat.


Fish is seafood and contains a very high amount of calories. Many people use fish liver oil while gaining weight but instructors and doctors recommend fish as it has many other health benefits. Fish is one of the best foods that make you gain weight without having any side effects. However, eating too much fish may cause some stomach problems. Salmon fish is the best choice for those who are looking for weight gain as six ounces of it contains 240 calories. It contains a rich amount of fatty acids that help in the development of brain cells to improve their functioning.

Most people use salmon with broccoli. Arrange the salmon fillets with some broccoli and then grind ginger and garlic. Now coat the salmon with ginger garlic paste and squeeze one or two lemons on it. Mix all the things well and then add some salt and pepper according to your taste. Now place the salmon and broccoli plate in the preheated oven for almost 20 minutes. Now your delicious and full of energy fish is ready. Take a fork and start eating.

So these are the 5 best eating food that makes you fat in days. If you want to gain weight naturally, I suggest you to eat these foods and you will start getting the results very soon. However, exercising and gyming are very necessary while following the weight gainer diet plan.


So, all the above mentioned meals are weight gain foods and people can use them in their weight gainer diet plan but if you have some kind of disease or stomach problems, first ask your doctor or instructor and then start taking these foods. Do not follow the up-mentioned diet plan without the permission of your doctor or instructor.

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