Top 6 High Protein Foods For Weight Gain And Muscle Building


Protein and healthy foods plays the basic structural and functional role of the body. It helps to repair and build new tissues and cells in our body. Also, high protein diet carries the instructions from DNA to our body. Protein is absolutely essential for everyone’s diet and there are many high protein foods and sources to help and support the immune system and contribute to their overall wellbeing.

However, individuals who are regularly active will need to consider the higher amount of protein because when we do some hard physical exercises, our muscles break down and intake of high protein diet helps to make our muscles much bigger and stronger. Furthermore, when you start to exercise your body will start tearing and breaking down muscle fibers, which need to be repaired.

Protein Intake for high protein foods

Many people think that intake of proteins is necessary only for people who are involved in physical activities, or people who want to build muscles, or who are athletes. But a human being requires a specific amount of 0.8g/kg of body weight to maintain a healthy foods lifestyle. A lack of protein can cause many issues like lower immunity, unwanted changes in sugar level and fatigue, etc.

Protein requirement varies according to age, physical activities, and gender. People indulging in the physical activity require 1.2-2g/kg of body weight.

So in this article, I am sharing the top 6 high protein diet tips as intake of protein is necessary for the body. All the protein sources I am suggesting to contain high protein and low fats so you can choose any of them.

Chicken Breast

People who eat more protein-containing healthy foods and meals are usually maintained more muscles and preserve a healthy metabolism than those who eat less protein-containing meals. Chicken breast is the most versatile and inexpensive high protein diet. Athletes and bodybuilders use chicken breast pieces to fulfill the requirement of protein in their bodies. Moreover, chicken meat contains phosphorus, selenium, and vitamin B6 in a very rich amount.

  • It contains 27-30g of protein per 100g.
  • It contains 3-4g of fats.
  • It contains no carbohydrates.
  • So try to eat chicken breast at least one time a day.
  • Eating chicken breast helps you to strengthen your bones by providing calcium.

Green grams

Green grams are one of the best natural and unaffected high protein foods and have many other essential nutrients. The rich amount of protein in green grams helps to nourish our skin and start building more muscles and repairing tissues. Green grams contain many important and beneficiary nutrients as well as vitamin E, K, and C. These types of sources are very light and easy to digest. If we compare all the green grams, the yellow one called “Daal Moong” is one of the best and most frequently used green grams because it has low carbohydrates among all the other green grams.

It plays an important and vital role for vegetarians and fulfills the requirements of high protein foods in their bodies. They make up over 85% of the total amino acids found in these sprouts.

  • It contains 24g protein per 100g.
  • It contains 1.5-2g of fats.
  • Due to the low index of glycemic index in the green grams, they help to prevent diabetes and maintain the sugar level in our body.
  • It also improves digestive health.
  • It also contains iron which is responsible for boosting blood circulation levels.
  • All the green grams have low carbohydrates but the Moong Daal has comparatively low carbohydrates among all the others. That’s why most athletes use it and it is easy to digest.
  • Besides, there are so many recipes for making it so it is proved to be a portion of tasty and healthy foods.

Whey protein

Whey proteins are full protein and these are the complete package of all the amino acids. It is normally in powdered form that’s why it is very easy to digest and easily absorbed by the guts due to its powdered form.

  • One scoop of whey protein contains 24 grams in it.
  • It is a natural product and it does not affect you in any way as said by many people.
  • It contains leucine which promotes muscle growth.
  • It may lower blood pressure and may help reduce inflammation.
  • It can enhance the antioxidant defenses of the body.
  • The body can easily digest it.


Fish is one of the best sources of high protein diet and contains many important nutrients like vitamin D. fish contains a very important fatty acid called omega-3. These fatty acids help the human brain to function properly.

  • It contains 21-25g per 100g.
  • It contains 8-12g of fats.
  • This fat is good for heart health, skin, eyes, hair, and nails.
  • Fish considers a high protein meal and contains many other essential nutrients and minerals. Eating fish reduces the chances of a heart attack.
  • It is crucial during development and may boost brain health.
  • It reduces the risk of autoimmune diseases.
  • Improve your vision especially in old age.


All the athletes, bodybuilders, and even those persons who want to live a healthy life eat eggs. Eggs have the highest BV among all the other animal sources and contain many essential vitamins like B2, B12, etc. and considered as one of the high protein foods. It does not cause blood sugar levels to and peak quickly. The white part of the egg is called egg-white and the yellow part is called yolk. If you’re eating eggs more than 3, then you should just eat egg whites to fulfill the requirement of the protein in your body.

  • Eating eggs help our body to get enough protein. Moreover, it is easy to digest and maintain the sugar level in our body. 
  • It contains 5.5g protein per egg, 3g in egg-white.
  • It also contains vitamins and minerals.
  • Eggs contain all the 9 essential amino acids that a human body needs and consider a complete nutritional meal.
  • All the 9 essential amino acids help in increasing metabolism growth and improving the digestive system. Moreover, the protein in the eggs helps in strengthening the muscles.

Soya chunks

Soya chunks are one of the most favorite and frequently used ingredients among all athletes and health-conscious persons. If your body is not getting enough proteins and nutrition through other meals, I suggest you to start taking soya chunks and it will show very huge results in your body and health. Soya chunks are rich in protein and carbohydrates. Soya chunks are the best vegetarian meal for protein as 100 grams of boiled soya chunks contain 50-55 grams of protein.

  • It contains 22g protein per 100g.
  • It contains 0.5g fats.
  • It helps promote blood circulation.
  • You can consume 25-40g soya chunks in a day.
  • Soybean reduces insomnia. Soya beans contain a rich amount of magnesium and help in peaceful sleep.
  • It aids healthy digestion.
  • It improves heart health.

There are many other sources of high protein foods like milk, curd, cheese, nuts, and beans, etc. but they have a bulky amount of fats in them so underweight people can consume them but obese people cannot use a high amount of fats. People who are involved in tough physical exercises and body building should have high protein foods in their meals. So, if you’re one of them, then all the 6 above-mentioned high protein diet tips will help you a lot to fulfill the requirement of protein in your body.

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