How Lemon Water Helps To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Losing weights is one of the most important factor that related to the healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of advantages of healthy lifestyle and people wants to know about them. In this blog, I’ll tell you the fitness improving lifestyle that will help you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight is not an instant process. You have to work properly and step by step if you want to lose weight. There are many processes of losing weight, and people are actually following them to lose weight, but some of them are very costly and some take a lot of time to show the results. Also, there are very few methods that contain natural and organic ingredients.

In this era of technology, mechanics, robotics and artificial intelligence are growing very fast. Farmers are using different kinds of harmful and dangerous chemicals to increase the growth rate of plants and foods. After farming, the food has shifted to the industries and made the final product; the workers use machines and many chemicals that badly affect human’s healthy lifestyle. So, keeping all the views in mind, today I will tell you the best way to make lemon water and share the advantages of healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of lemon water to maintain healthy lifestyle

There are a lot of advantages of healthy lifestyle and drinking lemon water is one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat and lose weight loss. Lemon juice has malic and citric acid in it, which helps a lot to cut the fat directly. It also has a rich amount of vitamin K that breaks down fat cells and helps reduce weight every day. In addition, lemon water helps to improve your digestion system and the growth of focused energy levels and also it is considered as one of the best fitness improving lifestyle.

We use lemon juice in many dishes that increase the taste but primarily those who want to lose weight use hot water and lemon juice.

How to make water-lemon juice

If you are willing to lose weight, drinking, hot water-lemon juice will help you a lot to achieve your goal.

  • First of all, take a bowl, put a cup of water, and then boil it.
  • After boiling water, the heat kills all the bacterias and harmful viruses in it and then you have to wait until the water gets a little cold.
  • Now take a lemon and cut it into two pieces. After cutting the lemon, remove the seeds from its upper surface and squeeze both pieces in the water.
  • As you’re doing it for weight loss, so do not add sugar or something else to it. If you have honey, then add a little for the taste.
  • Now mix it well and make a routine of drinking it daily. This is the best method for those, who are willing to lose weight. Also, this method is very cheap and everyone can easily afford it.

There are six calories in each glass of water-lemon juice. Therefore, using orange juice is a much better option because it has more calories than lemon. But if you don’t have orange juice or it is out of season, usage of lemon juice will be best for you to lose weight. Reducing calorie intake is very important for weight loss and lemon has meager calories. Thus, it will help you to take toward your dream of weight loss.

How lemon water helps in healthy lifestyle

Drinking lemon water helps you to improve the potential of your metabolism. When a person drinks lemon water, it produces heat in the body which helps to cut the fat directly and reduces the weight very quickly. If a person drinks water, there are also many chances that the metabolism rate of that human may increase and many studies and experiments show it in actuality.

In one experiment, the researchers ask 8 participants to drink half a liter of water. First, each participant drank half a liter of water and then the researchers checked the rate of metabolism of that participant. The results showed that the rate of metabolism increases up to 70% for 35-40 minutes.

Doctors always recommend drinking more water. Drinking more water will fill your stomach and thus, the person eats less. This procedure also helps in weight loss. But if you heat the water and add the lemon to it, it’ll reduce your weight in a few days and help you to look handsome and attractive. Many people use lemon water for weight loss, but only a few make it a routine and try to drink it daily.

Which factors of lemon water helps in weight loss

Starting your day with drinking lemon water is very beneficial for the human body. Many people use lemon water instead of drinking tea and coffee. This is because coffee and tea contain different kinds of chemical and inorganic drugs. Still, lemon water didn’t have anything like that and those who gave importance to lemon water over coffee and tea may live healthier lives. Drinking lemon water in the morning and daytime is very beneficial. Still, if you have the habit of drinking it at night time, you should change your habit now because it is a hazardous and unhealthy exercise of drinking lemon water at night time.

There are many advantages of healthy lifestyle and lemon water, like; drinking a little warm lemon water in the morning with an empty stomach helps you in the cleaning of your stomach as well as liver and improves the hydration and metabolism rate in your body. This habit will also improve your immunity power to fight against germs and harmful bacteria’s. Moreover this thing will help you to get slim for the sake of fitness improving lifestyle.

Best time to drink lemon water

The best time to drink lemon water is in the morning with an empty stomach. This is because our stomach gets rest all night and then when the stomach is empty, drinking warm lemon water helps a lot in weight loss. There are benefits of drinking lemon water, but if you start using it two to three times a day, it may affect your body and healthy lifestyle. So please do not drink it more than one time a day. And also, do not eat breakfast immediately after drinking the lemon water. Instead, take a gap of at least 20-30 minutes and then start eating breakfast. This practice will help you in weight loss and to live a healthy lifestyle.

If you don’t like simple lemon water, there are many other recipes and ingredients that you should add to lemon water for weight loss. For example, you can add cucumber, mint, honey, etc., to the lemon water to make it tastier. But remember one thing, don’t add sugar if you seriously want to lose weight because sugar contains many different kinds of chemicals and calories that will increase the carbohydrates in your body. If you’re going to make your lemon water sweet, add some natural and organic honey to it. It will work as an alternative to sugar and also helps you to cut the fatty cells in your body.

Answers to the frequently asked questions

There are many kinds of questions related to lemon water. But I am going to tell you the most frequently asked questions here.

Are there any side effects of drinking lemon water daily?

No, there are no side effects of drinking lemon water daily. But don’t exceed the consumption of lemon juice. Drinking one glass of lemon water a day is enough. If you start drinking more than one glass daily, it may affect your healthy lifestyle and cause some kind of disease.

Can I drink lemon water before sleeping?

The answer to that question is no. Never drink lemon water before sleeping or at night time. This is because after dinner, our stomach will be full of food and lemon has malic and citric acid. Thus the lemon is considered a citrus fruit and the consumption of the lemon drink before sleeping can increase the energy level that will disturb the sleep.

Which is the best time of drinking lemon water:

Morning time before having breakfast is the best time to drink lemon water for the sake of fitness improving lifestyle. Because at that time, our stomach is empty and it can clean our stomach liver. Also, this practice improves the rate of metabolism.


All the information provided above is for normal and healthy persons. However, if you’re ill or have some kind of disease, before using the recipes mentioned above, procedures and methods, make sure to inform your doctor, instructor, or your consultant. It may affect you badly, so don’t put your life in danger and follow your doctor’s advice.

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